The best and most impressive wedding receptions you have ever imagined are held on board luxury yachts, decorated as you have dreamt of!

We can also arrange for you to have your Bachelor party on our luxury yachts. They are all fitted with all modern conveniences.

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In the heart of the island’s vineyards there are some of the most beautiful, traditional wineries of Greece. If you wish your wedding ceremony and reception to be held at such a unique place, we can make it happen!



In collaboration with posh hotels we offer a memorable stay in the area of the world-wide famous Caldera to you and your guests. Hotel terraces overlooking the Aegean blue are one more idyllic place for your wedding ceremony.

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Churches and Chapels

On the island there are numerous chapels of Cycladic architecture creating an ideal setting for your photos, the best setting to capture the happiest moments of your life.

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